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Note 1: WCH provides a variety of USB serial port drivers, support Windows/Linux/Android/Mac OS and other operating systems. Driver type description:

VCP:The manufacturer provides an emulated serial port driver, supports various operating systems, has multiple functions, high efficiency, and supports high baud rate communication, hardware flow control, GPIO and other functions. The driver only needs to be installed once or it can be installed automatically through the Internet.

HID: All operating systems have built-in this driver, and users do not need to install manually; the disadvantage is that the baud rate supports up to 115200bps, and not compatible with conventional serial port application software.

CDC:For operating system versions lower than Windows 10, users need to install manually. Due to the CDC protocol and features of class driver, the CDC serial port function is not as complete as VCP, and there are some differences in use. For details, see the following application description:

USB to serial port application